M-real publishes environmental report, sets out environmental goals and guidelines

M-real publishes environmental report, sets out environmental goals and

M-real has published its first major statement on the environment. M-real:
Environmental Report 2000 is now available to all who are interested in the
paper industry and its approach to a host of environmental concerns. M-real
became the new name of the Metsä-Serla group in April this year, following the
acquisition of Modo Paper AB and Zanders AG. Care of the environment, wildlife
and people, has long been a key concern of the company, which in its previous
form published eight annual reports on the environment. 
The Environmental Report 2000 (available in English, German, French, Swedish
and Finnish) is a comprehensive document that examines, in some detail, the
issues of sustainability, life cycle of a fibre and waste management and
The report continues the tradition of including interviews by independent
journalists. These articles provide a look at issues relevant to M-real from
outside the company. New developments in packaging legislation; expectations of
a major paper customer, and the emerging issue of sustainability reporting are
the topics looked at this year. 
As the largest manufacturer of fine paper (coated and uncoated) in Europe (4.0
million tonnes), M-real recognizes its responsibility to the well being of its
employees and to the environment. To that end, M-real has adopted Metsä-Serla's
environmental policy and objectives. 
Apart from providing a record of intentions, M-real's Environmental Report
provides a record of the company's actions to reduce waste and air, earth and
water pollution. These measures range from steps to ensure that staff have
proper training and a sense of responsibility, to major construction projects
like the building of a biological effluent treatment plant at the Husum,
Sweden, mill. 
Implementing Improvements Up-stream
Monitoring emissions against changing regulations and production technology is
a complex process, but the company can show increases in efficient use of
materials and energy. A five year trend shows an increase of the company's
total emissions of 86% at a time when production has increased by 133% during
the same period. This is a 6% year-on-year decrease in the emissions/production
Further breakdown of the numbers shows the trend for lowering rates of
greenhouse emissions, acidification and eutrophication (lowering of oxygen
levels in water). 
One of the keystones of M-real's environmental policy is explained by President
& CEO Jorma Vaajoki: 
'We considered how we could make our environmental action more effective by
moving it up-stream within the process. For a long time, environmental
protection was an "end-of-pipe" activity. It concentrated on post-process
operations to clean up discharges. 
'The focus has now been shifted towards better process design, more efficient
raw material and energy usage, and the utilization of environmentally sound
process chemicals. This approach is not only more efficient, but will also help
to reduce costs.' 
The lifecycle of a fibre
The central section of the report is a detailed examination of papermaking 
process from forest to waste. M-real's holistic approach is explained, looking
at forestry, energy, transport, waste management and recycling. Diagrams are
provided showing energy consumption levels for different types of pulp, and
opportunities for conserving and utilizing heat from the papermaking process to
reduce energy consumption. 
Use of bleaching chemicals was once a major environmental concern in the
papermaking process but today M-real uses totally chlorine free (TCF) and
elemental chlorine free (ECF) bleaching. Other chemicals used for 'filler' to
produce a smooth surface, and binders and Optical Brightening Agents (OBA) are
discussed to give a comprehensive and unrivalled picture of a company's
activities with reference to the environment. 
Copies of the report may be obtained from M-real Corporation, Corporate
Communications, Revontulentie 6, 02100 Espoo, Finland; by e-mail:
taina.harala-eskela@m-real.com; or from the M-real website, www.M-real.com. 
Issued for M-real by The Bespoke Agency. Copies of this release can be found on
the M-real website, www.m-real.com, and on the Bespoke website,
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