The success factor” - M-real's theme magazine

The success factor” - M-real's theme magazine

Press release 31.10.2005


M-real's theme magazine is dedicated to the elusive goal of all magazines:

What is it? How do you get it? Where can you find it? For something wanted by
everyone in the communications business, success is remarkably hard to define. 

One factor is in the numbers - efficiency and shrewd use of resources can make
the difference between a successfully filled niche and bankruptcy.  Other
numbers - circulation, price, advertising revenue, audience share - are
relevant too; and almost every magazine can find savings from fine-tuning to
improving processes and lowering costs.  But any publication looking only at
figures is in danger of forgetting the creativity that made a magazine special
in the first place. 

Issue eleven in our series of magazines for Galerie Papers' customers is
dedicated to this impossible task, part art, part science, of realising our
dreams, and making a magazine a success - and then maintaining it when we get

For example, Jasper Scott and Vince Frost discuss their own experience in an
article on The Success Machine.  ‘How important are strong characters to
success?' they were asked. 

‘I think they are incredibly important, and providing you get on with them and
you overcome them, I think you absolutely need strong characters,' says Jasper
Scott.  Vince Frost adds: ‘They will be mistaken firstly as being incredibly
arrogant, but what I've learned over the years is actually it's not real
arrogance, it's actually passion and determination.' 

Other articles written by leading industry figures include:

-     The path to success: Stephen Armstrong looks at how important
communications between all 
      areas of creation is vital.
-     The successful sell: Greg Lindsay tries to find the perfect pitch for
print advertising. 
-     Long-term success: Julie Tomlin advises how to make a new title stick or
keep an established 
      brand at the top.
-     Vive la difference - the booming French magazine market by Olivia Snaije. 
-     Consistent quality through colour management by Gareth Ward.

Paper grades used throughout the magazine are from the Galerie Papers range by
M-real. The supplement is printed on Furioso by M-real. 

You can obtain your own copy of Success from your local M-real office, from mid
October 2005. 

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