M-real introduces environmental declarations

M-real introduces environmental declarations

For many years, M-real has been at the forefront in reporting on environmental
issues. In co-operation with European business colleagues, a new European
system, Paper Profile, has been developed to report environmental facts, so
called environmental declarations. Environmental declarations are in fact
nothing new. The issue has been discussed for many years within the industry,
since the professional purchasers have requested a more detailed reporting of
environmental facts. M-real will therefore start to introduce these new
environmental declarations on its paper products. 

These standardised environmental declarations are product-related and provide
detailed and transparent information and facts about the various paper grades.
All together, Paper Profile will provide information about each product's
environmental properties, such as constituents of the product, energy
consumption and waste disposal. 

"The environmental declaration provides us with a clear and sound basis for
decision making, showing the product's environmental properties. Since most
European manufacturers will use environmental declarations, it will become
easier for us to compare different paper products from an environmental point
of view," says Christina Nordfeldt, environmental co-ordinator at Svenskt
Papper [Swedish Paper]. 

M-real has a long, historical tradition in reporting on environmental issues.
The company has a well-expressed environmental policy and environmental issues
are an integrated part of the business. M-real's ambition is to constantly meet
its customers' need for environmental information. 

"Our environmental work is important to us and our aim is to continuously
improve and openly inform about our environmental work. As one of Europe's
leading players, we are pleased to adopt the Paper Profile system for
environmental information, which is adjusted to the present needs of the
markets where we are active. The fact that we are now raising the level of
ambition for the reporting on environmental facts is something that all of us
within the industry have agreed upon," says Kaj Nyström, Assistant Director,
M-real paper group. 

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