Changes in Botnia's Board of Directors

Kari Jordan, President of the Metsäliitto Group, has been appointed as a
chairman of Botnia's Board of Directors. New Board members are Martin Lillandt,
Senior Executive Vice President for Metsäliitto Cooperative and Heikki Malinen,
Executive Vice President, Strategic Development for UPM. 

Antti Oksanen and Heikki Sara retired from Botnia's Board of Directors as from
the 1st of January 2006. 

About Us

Metsä Metsä Fibre is a leading producer of bioproducts and bioenergy. The company’s pulp brand is Botnia and the sawn timber brand is Metsä Nordic Timber. The company’s bleached softwood and birch pulp grades have been developed for the production of high-quality board, tissue and printing paper and speciality products. The main applications for spruce and pine sawn timber are products for construction and interior decoration as well as window and door joinery and raw material for packaging industry. Currently employing approximately 1 200 people, the company’s sales totalled EUR 1.9 billion in 2017. Metsä Fibre is part of Metsä Group.