DECISIONS TAKEN BY METSÄ TISSUE'S ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Metsä Tissue Corporation's Annual General Meeting, held on 18 March 2003, adopted the consolidated and parent company profit and loss accounts and balance sheets for 2002 and granted freedom from responsibility to the members of the Board of Directors and the company's Chief Executive Officer. The Meeting decided that Metsä Tissue Corporation would not distribute a dividend for 2002 and that the profit for the period would be transferred to the retained earnings account. The Meeting decided that the Board of Directors would have six members. The following members were re-elected: Antti Oksanen, Arimo Uusitalo, Ari Heiniö, Jouko M. Jaakkola, Curt Lindbom and Jussi Länsiö. The Board elected from among its number Antti Oksanen as its Chairman and Arimo Uusitalo as its Vice Chairman. The term of office of the members of the Board extends until the end of the Annual General Meeting to be held in 2004. PricewaterhouseCoopers Oy (Authorized Public Accountants) were re- elected as the company's auditors, with Göran Lindell (APA) responsible for the audit. METSÄ TISSUE CORPORATION Further information: Timo Suuriniemi, Chief Financial Officer, tel. +358 10 469 4580 or gsm +358 50 560 8271. Distribution: HEX/Helsinki Exchanges Key media ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: