Katrin - 35 years of hygiene and comfort


Katrin - 35 years of hygiene and comfort for people away from home 

Metsä Tissue's away-from-home tissue brand Katrin celebrates its 35th
anniversary. The originally Scandinavian tissue brand has grown as a major
European hygiene solution provider with solutions to match the diverse needs of
workplaces, hotels, spas, hospitals, restaurants, schools and public washrooms.
Being at hand, solving customers' problems has been imperative for Katrin
people from the start. 

Pioneer in hygiene
Away-from-home tissue brands began to emerge in Europe in the early 1970's.
Born in 1974, Katrin was one of the first. The name “Katrin” originates from
Metsä Tissue Katrinefors mill, founded in 1872. The mill was named after the
founder's wife. Today, a comprehensive range of Katrin tissue paper products,
dispensers and consumables, are sold throughout Europe and Russia. 

Fighting for the future with quality
Katrin has been a pioneer in pro environmental work. Ecologically sustainable
forest management, resource savings, low environmental impacts in production
and low waste generation have been the corner stones of the operation. Katrin
product solutions are based on reducing consumption and waste, saving costs and
time. Since the 90's this has been the guiding principle in the product
development and innovations. 

On a mission: hygiene for all
Katrin has carried out pioneering School Hygiene Studies, which reveal that
only one third of the school children use the school toilet daily. Holding all
day weakens the ability to concentrate and may cause physical problems. Since
these alarming results were found, Katrin people have taken actions in all
countries to increase the awareness about the importance of hygiene at schools
among the public and decision makers. 

Katrin heads for the future with 150 attentive professionals motivated by care,
credibility and creativity. This means taking responsibility of the customers'
success and also the future in the world of hygiene. 

About Us

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