New, soothing Serla Herbal Sensitive launched


New, soothing Serla Herbal Sensitive launched 

Rounding out a range of specialty tissue products, Metsä Tissue has launched a
new, extra-gentle toilet tissue that combines ancient herbal remedies with
state-of-the-art environmental performance. 

Containing vitamin B5, chamomile, sage, fennel, rosemary and witch hazel, the
herbal balsam in Serla Herbal Sensitive makes it softer, silkier and
extra-soothing on sensitive skin. The three-ply paper is durable and made of
recycled fibre. The product has been awarded the prestigious Nordic Swan label. 

“Serla Herbal Sensitive is a completely new type of product on our tissue
shelves. It caters for consumers who value their well-being and demand superior
quality and comfort, without sacrificing naturalness and environmental
friendliness,” says Brand Director Markus Reivala. 

Serla Herbal Sensitive is sold in eight-roll packages, priced at 3.70-4.00
euros each. The product has been available at retail outlets across Finland as
of September. 

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