What's your dream washroom like?

- Katrin invites students to create urban oases of the future
Katrin has studied Europeans' attitudes relating to public washrooms for years.
Results show that people feel very strongly about washrooms.  The dream
washroom is a sanctuary from urban rush: a serene, private and safe place. To
help these dreams come true, Katrin has declared a design competition for
students all over Europe. 

“Our recent study revealed that nearly 30% of the school children don't use
school washrooms on daily basis, but instead choose to hold until school day is
over. This was truly a wake-up call”, says Frank Ledosquet, Marketing Director.
“We think that everyone should be entitled to a pleasant washroom experience.
Pleasantness has a lot to do with paper dispensers. When both the users and the
cleaning staff find them easy to use, tidiness improves remarkably”, says
Henrik den Ouden Runshaug, Project Engineer, Dispensers. 

Design for All

The task is to design Katrin System Towel dispensers a new exterior, one which
is innovative, inclusive, flexible and timeless. This task does not, however,
limit itself to purely a styling exercise, but focuses on the interactive and
functional elements that are defined through the aesthetic design. Dispensers
in public washrooms are used by a very heterogenic group of people, including
children as well as elderly, disabled and weak sighted people. 
Who can participate?

The Katrin Hands-on Design Competition is open to all BA, BSc, MA or MSc
students within the fields of industrial design, product design or design
engineering. Students may participate individually or as groups. 

Further information:

Frank Ledosquet, Marketing Director, Away-from-Home
Email: frank.ledosquet@metsatissue.com

Katrin - At Hand
Katrin, the away-from-home brand of Metsä Tissue as one of the biggest European
tissue suppliers provides wellbeing and functionality to the professional
market; public washrooms, hotels, schools, restaurants, industrial workplaces
and health care environments. The Katrin range includes hand towels, bathroom
tissues, facial tissue, professional wipes as well as dispensing systems, soaps
and accessories.

About Us

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