Finnwood software - an effective tool to design timber structures


Structural engineers and building designers can now design timber structures
faster and with more versatility by using the Finnwood single member
calculation software developed by Finnforest. The free of charge software
offers its different user groups the Kerto® products as well as varying
selection of other timber products. 

Finnwood is a single member calculation software for the calculation of timber
structures. The software allows the user to design single members, such as
floor and roof beams and columns for the structural models and loads chosen by
the user. The user is also able to print out structural calculations, for
example, for the approval of authorities. 

The benefits of the software are a clear user interface and quick and easy
calculation of structural members. The software calculates according to the
valid timber design norms, such as Eurocode and its national annexes. Eurocode
is a design standard which will gradually take effect in all the European Union
countries. Eurocode is currently in use, for example, in Britain and Spain. 

Finnwood is a European-wide software which is delivered to its users free of
charge. For the moment, Finnwood is in use in Finland, Germany, France,
Denmark, Britain, Spain and Portugal. This year the software will also be
launched in Belgium, Sweden and in the USA, in which case the software will
debut outside Europe. The current number of Finnwood users is approximately
4,000; over 1,200 of them in Finland. 

The continuous development of Finnwood software is based on the needs of the
users in each country. The development is carried out in close cooperation
between the Finnforest parent company in Finland and its European subsidiaries.
Each country organization takes responsibility for the local software
environment including translations into local language, and independently
decides on how and when to provide the local users with a new version of the

At the end of December 2006, the new software version 2.1 of Finnwood was
launched in Spain and Portugal in two languages, in Spanish and in English,
respectively. This was followed by Finland, where the Finnish software version
Finnwood 2.1 was published in mid-January. Finnwood 2.1 will soon be taken into
use also in France. 

The Finnish Finnwood 2.1 software version was delivered to the users via the
web site The same delivery process has also been in use on
the French and German web sites and will later this year be available for the
British users as well. 

Further information: Choose the local Finnforest site from

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