Appointments in Metsäliitto's new Wood Supply organisation ( 5 October, 2005)

Metsäliitto will introduce its new Wood Supply organisation, combining domestic
and international wood supply, ahead of schedule on 1 November 2005. The
following key appointments, listed by process, have been made to the staff of
the new organisation: 


Wood supply, Finland

Key Account Manager, Mechanical wood industry, Jani Riissanen

Manager, Wood Supply, Juha Korhonen

Manager, Member Services, Matti Arpiainen

Manager, Communications, Ilari Pirttilä

Service Advisor, Katri Kankaanpää


Wood Supply, Russia

Vice President, Wood Supply, Timo Saarentaus

Vice President, Business Development, Maikki Kropsu

Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Lena Sjöblom (spring 2006)

Manager, Wood Supply, Vesa Junnikkala

Manager, Wood Supply, Mikko Palmroth

Manager, Wood Supply, Mika Viitala

Manager, Wood Supply, Mauno Väyrynen

Manager, Planning and Logistics, Alexander Zalessky

Development Manager, Vjatcheslav Kanatov



Vice President, Logistics, Hannu Alarautalahti

Vice President, Planning, Tero Rautolahti

Vice President, Wood Reception and Measurement, Olof Thesslund

Transport Manager (Husum), Åke Forsgren (besides his main responsibilities)

Transport Manager (Russia), Teemu Reiman

Sea Transportation Manager, Fredrik Pressler

Key Account Manager, Pulp and paper, Mika Nevalainen

Planning Manager, Jani Rissanen

Planning Manager, Timo Yli-Hukkala

Manager, Wood Reception, Juha Rajamäki

Transport Manager, Woodchips, Sakari Mäki-Kojola


HR and Development and Resources

Personnel Manager, Jukka Salenius

Vice President, International projects, Kari Ålander

Development Manager (Wood Supply), Risto Lilleberg

Development Manager (Operative Systems), Pekka Pakkala


Finance and IT

Business Controller, Arto Kesseli

Development Manager and Service Centre Manager, Katriina Korpi

Manager, Data Administration, Ismo Somero

Manager, Financial Accounting, Mirja Karppinen

Financial Officer, Esko Okko

Manager, Materials and Real Estate Service, Matti Knuutila

Office Manager, Marita Frost

Financial Controller, Sonja Hyväri

Controller (Finland), Markku Ekdahl

Controller (Finland), Timo Rantanen

Controller (International Wood Supply), Maria Rintala

Controller (International Wood Supply), Katarina Ruotsalainen

Controller (International Wood Supply), Rami Salonen

Controller (Development), Antti M. Oksanen

Head of Team (Member Services), Arja Pallari

Head of Team (Accounting), Leena Haapala

Head of Team (Services and Service Administration), Kari Lampinen

Head of Team (Projects and Architecture Administration), Pekka Valtonen

Head of Team (Solutions Development), Teemu Perälä

Head of Team (Electronic Services), Juha Miettinen

Development Manager (International Wood Supply), Pirjo Erkinheimo

Development Manager (International Wood Supply), Mikko Vuoristo

Manager, Information Security, Juha Viljamaa

Project Manager, Tarmo Pietilä

Project Manager, Seppo Sassi

Service manager (Operations Support), Seppo Kontteli


Quality and Environment

Quality Manager, Ari Korpi

Environmental Manager, Jussi Ripatti

Environmental Specialist, Satu Holm

Environmental Specialist, Mihail Tarasov

Environmental Communications Officer, Sinikka Laiho


Appointments to the wood procurement management group were announced on 30
August 2005. 


Further information:
Yrjö Perälä, Senior Vice President, Development and Resources, tel. +358 500
615 399 

Ilari Pirttilä, Manager, Communications, tel. +358 50 5989 920

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