Finnish President has inaugurated M-real's mill in Kaskinen, Finland (20 October, 2005)

Finnish President Tarja Halonen inaugurated M-real Corporation's new bleached
chemi-thermomechanical pulp (BCTMP) mill in Kaskinen on 20 October 2005. This
is the forest industry's largest capital expenditure project in Finland in
recent years. The BCTMP mill that has now been completed is the world's most
modern and has a production capacity of 300,000 tonnes per annum of the pulp
required in M-real's fine paper and paperboard production. 
"The completion of the Kaskinen mill will bring M-real increased scope for
improving its competitiveness and developing the quality of its products.
Thanks to the BCTMP technology developed by M-real, we will be able to
manufacture our products in a more environmentally sound and efficient way than
ever before," said President & CEO Hannu Anttila, citing the main criteria for
making the Kaskinen investment. 
M-real Corporation was the first producer in the world to introduce modern
BCTMP manufacturing methods on a production scale. Following the start-up of
the Kaskinen mill, the company will be the world's largest manufacturer of
high-quality BCTMP grades of pulp. 
M-real's BCTMP pulps have a higher brightness than other mechanical pulps and
give the papers and boards a higher bulk. This means that customers can use
papers and boards in lower grammages, which saves costs without sacrificing
M-real's Joutseno BCTMP mill, which started up in 2001 and has an annual
capacity of 250,000 tonnes of pulp, was the world's first mill based on this
technology. Both the Kaskinen and Joutseno mills have been built using
proprietary technology, which won the Finnish Engineering Award this year. The
award is granted by The Finnish Association of Graduate Engineers TEK and
Tekniska Föreningen i Finland TfiF (Finnish Technological Society). 
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