Mgage Systems deliver mobile applications to Halebop

Mgage Systems deliver mobile applications to Halebop Mgage Systems announced today that Halebop, the largest mobile service provider in Sweden, has chosen Mgage Systems to deliver a game application, RobotBattle. As a part of a frame agreement between the two companies, RobotBattle is the first application delivered to Halebop from Mgage Systems' broad product portfolio. The game is launched and available today through Halebop's mobile portal. Mgage Systems' RobotBattle is an innovative mobile game that combines Wap and SMS and brings a new dimension to mobile entertainment. RobotBattle allows users to build their own robots and challenge other players in robot battles anytime and anywhere. This game is specifically targeted for the young, high-traffic mobile generation and this addictive service will drive data traffic usage in the networks. "The field of mobile messaging and entertainment is becoming increasingly strategically important for the service providers, who want to fully leverage the opportunities brought by new technology and user behaviour. Ever changing demands from the consumers and an increasing need to generate new sources of revenue, further put emphasis on the importance of providing value added service", says Mgage Systems' CEO Styrbjörn Horn. "We strongly believe in the combination of entertainment and communication services. The combination caters for the community aspect, allowing the users to develop relationships and interact with each other in a virtual arena", added Mr. Horn. Already today Mgage Systems offer a wide range of mobile messaging applications to mobile operators and service providers that wish to offer their customers new high value services. The company is working closely with mobile operators and device and infrastructure vendors, and is committed to making the best mobile messaging applications to satisfy the needs of the end users. "We see a growing demand for mobile entertainment services among our users. Our aim is therefore to deliver good quality entertainment services, such as games, through our portal. The game RobotBattle from Mgage Systems fits right in our range of services - mobile communication and entertainment in combination at it's best", says Adéle Nilsson, VP Sales and Marketing, Halebop. "Mgage Systems is an important partner in our strive to offer our users fun games at a low cost using our new mobile payment solution." The agreement, which is Mgage Systems's second agreement signed with a large European service provider in the last month, means that Halebop will offer the RobotBattle game to its customers through their mobile portal. The RobotBattle game is only the first application included in this stage of the frame agreement. More applications from Mgage Systems' extensive application portfolio will be delivered and launched in the near future. Mgage Systems provide mobile operators and service providers in Europe with innovative mobile messaging applications. The company was founded in February 2000 backed up by strong international investors. Today Mgage Systems employ 35 people in Stockholm and Gothenburg. The vision is to be a leading provider of mobile messaging applications - King of Mobile Messaging. For more information: Halebop is an independent mobile portal, providing end users with mobile services offered by partners wishing to reach a mobile audience. On the end user side Halebop aims to be the starting point and home for mobile services, the best wireless portal. On the partner side Halebop offers the best distribution platform and competence for mobile services. Halebop's services work independent of mobile operator, and independent of device and access technology. Halebop is a result of several years of co-operation between Telia AB and Oracle Corp. At you will find a large spectrum of advanced mobile services, and the services are available to everyone. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT Styrbjörn Horn, CEO, Mgage Systems Phone: +46 70 26 11 000; E-mail: Mikael Lenneryd, Director of Marketing, Mgage Systems Phone: +46 70 26 11 004; E-mail: Adéle Nilsson, VP Sales and Marketing, Halebop Phone: +46 70 310 44 54 E-mail: ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: