Micro Systemation AB launches new product line "Embedded SoftGSM"

Micro Systemation AB launches new product line "Embedded SoftGSM" Micro Systemation, the maker of SoftGSM, announces a new breakthrough in GSM communication: SoftGSM for embedded applications. SoftGSM is a software modem that supports the most common GSM handsets on the market, as well as Windows 95/98, Windows NT and Windows CE. The product has been shipping since May 1998 and has withstood the tests a global communications software faces. The arrival of Embedded SoftGSM meets the need from the vertical market for wireless solutions, which are expected to see a tremendous growth. For the first time customers are given the flexibility to integrate a tried and true GSM communication solution into their own products. This is a new important member of the SoftGSM product family that will provide system integrators, and solution providers with a new valuable tool for the mobile marketplace, says Henrik Tjernberg, president of Micro Systemation AB. The need for vertical applications with connectivity options is huge. And the availability of Embedded SoftGSM will enable new markets where GSM is the only way of data communication. Standard industrial platforms such as GSM handsets and X86 motherboards can now be used to built cost reduced turnkey solutions for large corporations with specific communication needs. Proprietary platforms and GSM devices can also be targeted with a minimum of work. Together with embedded Windows NT and embedded Windows CE Embedded SoftGSM will boost the development of new communications devices, concludes Tjernberg. The key to this flexibility lies in SoftGSM's unique modular design. The GSM data protocols and modem functionality of Embedded SoftGSM are completely independent from hardware platform, operating system or GSM device. A manufacturer can easily tailor Embedded SoftGSM to support a proprietary platform, a proprietary GSM device, or both. Possible applications include putting modem functionality inside a GSM chipset, enabling a standalone machine to communicate with a central server, or integration with proprietary software. Existing support for operating systems include Windows 95/98, Windows NT and Windows CE. Drivers for GSM handsets from Ericsson, Nokia and Siemens can be included. Micro Systemation can be contracted to help in the development of an embedded solution for another platform or GSM device. Embedded SoftGSM will start shipping during august. Micro Systemation carries out the product development and marketing of software solutions in mobile data communications, in addition to consultancy work this field. In November 1998, the company launched SoftGSM, the product it had developed itself. SoftGSM is a software modem for GSM communication. SoftGSM replaces hardware, for example, in the form of a PC card for data communication through the GSM network. There has been unofficial trading of B- shares in Micro Systemation through the SIX system since December 1998. Micro Systemation AB, Box 3053, Råsundavägen 1, 169 03 Solna Tel: +46 8 7390270, fax: +46 8 7300170. Internet: www.msab.com E- mail:henrik.tjernberg@msab.com ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit http://www.bit.se for further information The following files are available for download: http://www.bit.se/bitonline/1999/08/16/19990816BIT00360/bit0001.doc http://www.bit.se/bitonline/1999/08/16/19990816BIT00360/bit0002.pdf