Bink selects Millistream as new provider of market data

Bonnier has chosen Millistream as new provider of market data for the financial web sites of the Bonnier Group. Bink, the new Bonnier web media company, has signed the agreement with Millistream.

The agreement between Bink and Millistream means that the web sites,, and will receive market data from Millistream.  

Millistream will deliver continuous updates of Nordic and international prices for shares, mutual funds, ETFs, commodities, forex together with news and company information for display on the financial web sites.    

Bink has chosen a solution based on Millistream Database Application, MDA, for receiving the data. Millistream also delivers a hosted graph solution and an advanced portfolio service.

“We found that Millistream was able to provide the best system for the needs of the Bonnier financial web sites,” says Mats Göthlin, CTO of Bink.

“We are very pleased that Bink has chosen Millistream as new provider of market data”, says Per Rastin, CEO of Millistream. “It proves that our solutions are very well adapted for the needs of the financial market in the Nordics”, says Per Rastin.

The first site that has started to use Millistream data is  In 2011,, and will also switch to Millistream data.

For further information, please contact:

Per Rastin, CEO Millistream Market Data AB
Tel. +46 707 544 212                    

Mats Göthlin, CTO Bink AB
Tel. +46 8 451 00 18                       

About Millistream

Millistream is a Nordic provider of market data specialized in feed, web and mobile solutions. Millistream offers modern and efficient market data deliveries in a broad range of formats and API:s. Millistream’s objective is to be a leading provider of market data to banks, brokers, media and other companies in the Nordic financial sector. 

About Bink

Bink is the new sales and technology company for web media in the Bonnier Group.Bink’s objective is to focus on the web business of Bonnier and make it profitable. Bink employs at present 100 people. 


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