Rauma receives significant ship order – contract to bring over 1000 man-years of work

Finnish shipbuilding company Rauma Marine Constructions Oy (RMC), based in the city of Rauma, has been awarded a contract to build a 158-metre long passenger-car vessel for the  Danish ferry operator Mols-Linien. The order´s market value is around 68 million euros. The ship is set to be built entirely in Rauma. This is an important ship order for RMC since the company was established in 2014. The collaboration with Mols-Linien shows that international agents in the industry trust Rauma’s expertise.

“The size of this contract is significant for us and our suppliers. The contract guarantees full employment to RMC for two years and gives us the possibility to improve the shipbuilding industry in Rauma in the long run. A considerable amount of this business transaction will benefit Finnish society in terms of taxes and tax related payments,” says CEO Heikki Pöntynen, RMC.

The planning of the ship has already started in Rauma. The actual shipbuilding will begin in spring 2017 and will be delivered in June 2018. The ferry service between Bornholm island in Denmark and the mainland will commence in September 2018. The whole ship will be built in Rauma and it will provide RMC 1000 man-years worth of labour.

Minister Of Economic Affairs Olli Rehn describes the deal as significant: “The order RMC has received is proof of the Finnish shipbuilding industry’s ability to be renewed and its capacity to adapt to shifting expectations and demands of different markets. This deal is important for the local economy of the Finnish west coast and it will improve the employment situation.”

According to Pöntynen, this contract restores Rauma´s reputation as one of the most important shipbuilding cities in the world. At the same time it demonstrates that the Finnish shipbuilding industry is highly respected globally. Shipyards under different names and owners in Rauma have constructed over 40 ferry boats for use in various parts of the world.

“RMC and its suppliers continue a decades-long tradition in Rauma. We have retained our expertise in shipbuilding despite the fact that Finnish shipbuilding has been in the eye of the storm in recent years.”

Additional information and requests for interviews:

Tea Rantanen, Miltton Oy, 050 561 7558, tea.rantanen@miltton.fi
Heikki Pöntynen, toimitusjohtaja, RMC, 050 550 9665, heikki.pontynen@rmcfinland.fi

Rauma Marine Constructions (RMC) was established in the summer of 2014. The company has full Finnish ownership and it concentrates in building and servicing multi-purpose ice breakers, car and passenger ferries and naval vessels. More information: www.rmcfinland.fi.





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