Mind commissioned for system build-up for OffeX, new network for share trading

Mind commissioned for system build-up for OffeX, new network for share trading OffeX, a new bank network for share trading, has chosen consultants from Mind for tests and implementation of the network's trading system. OffeX will start up operations during 2001 and will then be available to the banks' customers with an Internet custody account. "We regard it as an honor to receive this contract and it will be tremendously exciting for Mind to share responsibility for system build-up in this pioneering share-trading network," commented Jörgen Larsson, CEO of Mind, in connection with the "Industry, Banking and Internet - Evolution or Revolution?" seminar at IT 2.0 in Paris. In their preparations for next year's introduction of OffeX Crossing AB, which will feature a new electronic network for share trading, Sweden's four largest banks - FöreningsSparbanken, Handelsbanken, MeritaNordbanken and SEB - have assigned Mind responsibility for tests and implementation of the trading system. It is an Internet-based network for trading in shares and warrants. The network will offer a matching system for orders received from the banks' Internet custody account holders, initially during weekends and late nights. "Mind has gradually strengthened its offering of services and expertise in the finance area. We have been active in this field since 1997 and we further sharpened our focus on finance and insurance this summer. We view the current cooperation with OffeX as recognition of our know-how and strategy with respect to the finance sector," adds Jörgen Larsson. Kristoffer Hägglöf of Mind will be IT manager for OffeX, with responsibility for the build-up of the entire system structure. "We have an exciting and challenging work ahead. When the banks gave the go-ahead for the start-up of OffeX a month or so ago, Mind was selected because of its very strong expertise and experience in this area," says John Ödmann, President of OffeX. For further information, contact: Jörgen Larsson, CEO, Mind, +46 733 611010 Maria Andark, Investor Relations, Mind, +46 733 611019 John Ödmann, President, OffeX, +46 70 669 3248 Please visit: www.mind.com Mind is an Internet consulting company that develops and strengthens its customers business operations. Mind has three business areas Finance and insurance; TIME (telecom, IT, media, and entertainment) and Mind Insight. Mind's customers include Ericsson, Kreditkassen, MeritaNordbanken, Nokia, OM, Scandinavian Leisure Group, Telia and Unibank. The company is represented in Sweden, Norway, and France and is quoted on the OM Stockholm Stock Exchange's O-list. Mind Finance is the business area within Mind addressing industries such as Investment Banking, Retail Banking and Insurance. Through new business models and vast utilization of new technology together with an understanding of the customers operation and traditional environments we help our customers to higher profitability. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT http://www.bit.se The following files are available for download: http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2000/12/05/20001205BIT00530/bit0001.doc http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2000/12/05/20001205BIT00530/bit0002.pdf