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    This shows that the European Commission acknowledges and supports our market entry approach.
    Dr Martin Edlund, CEO
    The offshore operations team in Holyhead, with support from colleagues in Sweden and Northern Ireland, has made great efforts in executing the installation activities undertaken so far in a safe and resourceful way.
    David Collier, COO
    This is milestone in the DG500 project.
    David Collier, COO
    The Swedish Energy Agency's latest investment in marine energy is fully in line with our unique Deep Green technology and we are looking forward to forthcoming announcements within the program.
    Dr Martin Edlund, CEO Minesto
    by licensing O&M concepts, we enable continuous revenue streams from sold and installed Deep Green systems.
    Dr Martin Edund, CEO Minesto
    The Minesto technology’s capabilities to go for low-flow streams is a key advantage compared to other technologies.
    Javier Sanz, CTO Renewable Energies, InnoEnergy
    With the delivery of the gravity base structure, we are making significant progress towards the first installation in Holyhead Deep.
    David Collier, COO
    Marine energy has the potential to meet a substantial share of the need for reliable and clean electricity supply in this part of the world.
    Dr Martin Edlund, CEO of Minesto
    A natural next step is to install our devices in the Kuroshio current, which could see the world's first electricity generated from ocean currents.
    Dr Martin Edlund, CEO of Minesto
    These new results convince me that our technology is transforming ocean energy into one of the most cost-effective energy resources.
    Dr Martin Edlund, CEO of Minesto
    Minesto’s diligence when using the most accurate data available, and creating a model based on standard practice, has led to the creation of an extremely thorough Cost of Energy forecast model which probably doesn’t have an equal in the industry.
    Dr Ned Minns, Offshore Group Manager at ITPEnergised
    This is fantastic news for Morlais and very encouraging for the development of tidal energy in Wales. Collaborating initiatives between the Holyhead Deep site and the Morlais Demonstration Zone could significantly reduce costs and minimise the combined environmental footprint of the two projects.
    Dr Martin Edlund, CEO Minesto
    With these changes to the management team, we strengthen our commercial position and put a sharper focus on customer-driven product development in Minesto. The added experiences and skills will boost the management team in the work to take our unique product to the market.
    Bengt Adolfsson, Chairman of Minesto
    There are only a handful of people in the world with experience in commercial deployment of tidal turbines, and David is one of them. His industrial know-how, offshore experience and leadership skills will be of the outmost value to us in commercialising the Deep Green technology.
    Dr Martin Edlund, CEO of Minesto
    We are well positioned to meet time frames and deliverables towards our public funding partners, to demonstrate the unique advantages of the Deep Green technology and develop this required source of renewable energy.
    Martin Edlund, CEO
    It’s a great achievement by everyone involved in the application process, and yet another deliverable met as we move towards commercialisation of our Deep Green power plant.
    Dr Martin Edlund, CEO
    This provides Minesto with significant funding, which we will mainly use to the further development of our unique tidal energy technology Deep Green.
    Dr Martin Edlund, CEO
    We are very pleased to have finalised this agreement with Stena Line. With its direct quay access for offshore transports to and from site we have secured a unique location that suits us perfect.
    Dr Martin Edlund, CEO at Minesto
    This investment creates value for Stena Line in several ways and demonstrates opportunities in port operations linked to ocean renewables.
    Björn Petrusson, Chief Commercial Officer at Stena Line
    This expansion enables economies of scale without us having to conduct parallel and costly site development.
    Dr Martin Edlund, CEO Minesto
    I am delighted by Minesto’s progress and their commitment to make Anglesey their main technology deployment and trading hub.
    Ken Skates AM
    This commitment reaffirms the main owners' belief in the unique Deep Green technology.
    Dr Martin Edlund, CEO
    We have all prerequisites to play a major role in the transition to renewable energy in both Chile and Argentina.
    Dr Martin Edlund, CEO
    It is the international industry community that recognises the viability and potential of our unique technology.
    Dr Martin Edlund, CEO
    It is very pleasing and an acknowledgment of all the hard work done and on how far we have come.
    Dr Martin Edlund, CEO
    To expand into the low-velocity ocean current resource with a power plant in commercial scale will make an outstanding demonstration of the uniqueness and potential of the Deep Green technology
    Dr Martin Edlund, CEO
    This collaboration has a tremendous opportunity to, in the long-term, be a significant part in a sustainable transition of the energy system in Taiwan.
    Professor Jiahn-Horng Chen, National Taiwan Ocean University
    This means that our quarter-scale tests indicate adequate power generation performance for the corresponding design of the power plant at full scale. It reduces technical risks in our full-scale project and further strengthens our belief in the commercial viability of the Deep Green technology.
    Dr Martin Edlund, CEO
    As a technology driven company it is of the outmost importance to continuously develop our IP strategy and the protection of our most valuable asset – our core technology. In that sense, this European patent is a milestone for Minesto.
    Dr Martin Edlund, CEO Minesto
    Minesto’s firm commitment to a smart IP strategy will give them a real competitive edge on the markets.
    Bart Lindekens, Director IP of KIC InnoEnergy
    This is a great opportunity to present Minesto and to build and enhance business and public stakeholder relations in Taiwan.
    Dr Martin Edlund, CEO
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