State of Connecticut, Terrorism Prevention Institute partner to improve information collection skills of officers

(Oklahoma City, Okla., May 23, 2012) MIPT (Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism) and the Connecticut P.O.S.T. Academy have partnered to provide InCOP training to law enforcement and coordinate information collection.

Trainers from police departments across Connecticut, including the Connecticut State Police, The Connecticut Intelligence Center (CTIC), West Hampton, Stratford, Wilton, and Woodbury, completed a one-day InCOP Train-the-Trainer course conducted onsite at the P.O.S.T. Academy on May 16. The trainers will take the course back to train their fellow officers with the goal of improving information collection and reporting skills throughout the department.

"Partnering with the dedicated and professional staff of the Connecticut P.O.S.T. Academy provided the first opportunity to bring InCOP 1 to Connecticut law enforcement agencies," said Charles Allen, MIPT Director of Training. "Investigations of past terrorist events have shown those involved often lived in or traveled frequently in Connecticut, and the heavily traveled interstate system and proximity to maritime shipping areas requires state and local law enforcement to utilize their best information collection and suspicious activity reporting skills. Interaction by the agencies during the InCOP 1 Train-the-Trainer will also lead to improved information sharing between those agencies."

MIPT’s InCOP training delivery will begin later this year.

InCOP is designed to improve the fundamental and essential skill of information collection for uniformed officers. InCOP 1 concepts are reinforced by the Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) Initiative (NSI).

Connecticut police departments join other law enforcement departments such as Milwaukee, Denver, Boston, Chicago, Miami-Dade and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office as alumni of the InCOP program.

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