Intrepid Mitsubishi Electric cyclists fundraise for Save the Children

Mitsubishi Electric’s heating team has just returned from a challenging 500km bike ride from Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City to the stunning Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia, as part of an on-going campaign to raise £150,000 for Save The Children.

The group spent eight days travelling an average of between 65km and 100km a day and took in stunning scenery as they traversed narrow dirt tracks through coconut groves, paddy fields, mountain tracks and main roads on the journey.

“The highlight of the whole trip was how friendly everyone was and wherever we went we were surrounded by smiling, happy children which helped lift the spirits,” explained John Nock, General Manager for the Commercial Heating Systems Division, who arranged the visit.

The trip was not all peddling though and the group took in floating markets, hidden temples and an historic 12th Century bridge, as well as visiting the sombre Cambodian Killing Fields. The group also visited Skun in Cambodia, which is known as Spiderville because of its association with tarantulas and its culinary speciality of fried spider.

"It was all worth it though as we are well on the way to reaching our target of £150,000 for Save the Children,” added Nock.

“We all owe a lot to Mitsubishi Electric, our families and the fantastic guides in Cambodia and Vietnam, who helped us complete the tour without any major incidents, apart from some scraped knees and some very sore posteriors,” said Nock. “At the end of the eight days we were all fairly exhausted but we have an enormous amount of respect for the work Save the Children do around the world and wanted to help them with their work.”

When disaster strikes anywhere in the world, there is no time to lose and Save the Children responds quickly to help wherever and whenever needed. In 2011 they responded to 45 emergencies in 38 different countries and helped over 3 million children.

“They help children in poverty in some of the poorest and most dangerous places worldwide and are always ready to respond,” added Nock. “Donations go directly to help children around the world and whatever support people can give can make a real difference.”

Save the Children’s Emergency Fund focuses its resources on inspiring the greatest positive impact for children and over the next seven months, the team will be trying to raise as much money as possible.  

Although the team has finished the cycling, the fundraising goes on. To make a donation visit:


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