Mobilaris launches Wireless Portal

Mobilaris launches Wireless Portal - a pioneer solution for content aggregation for Mobile Location Based Services Mobilaris today announced the official release of the Wireless Portal, a strategic mobile service for the wireless carrier market. The service, named Wireless Portal, is revolutionizing when it comes to aggregating content and creating live dynamic location-based information databases. The Wireless Portal enables wireless carriers to quickly build location based information databases by allowing content owners to enter their information into the database while being automatically positioned. The Wireless Portal enables wireless carriers to create live location- based databases where subscribers can enter their specific information or offer directly into the database while being automatically positioned by the network. Immediately after the information has been entered into the database the information is accessible to all location-based services offered by the operator. The wireless operator can, with the Wireless Portal act as bridge between end-users looking for location specific information and businesses with local offerings. - A typical user scenario is for example a restaurant owner who enters today's menu or a special offer into the database using SMS, WAP or Web. As the information provider is automatically positioned when the information is sent to the service, the offer is available immediately to all the mobile end-users searching for restaurants in the vicinity, says Jan Eriksson, Chief Strategic Business Development and co-founder. The Wireless Portal service creates a double service offering for the mobile operator, one for content owners who wish to publicize location specific content on the mobile Internet and one for mobile end-users who now have access to live dynamic location-based information service. The Wireless Portal is adapted to Mobilaris service platform "Pacific Ocean" which is now rolled out on the operator market world-wide. For more information, please contact: Amalendu Parasnis, Chief Technology Officer Mobilaris AB, mobile phone +46 705 10 40 50 e-mail: or Jan Eriksson, Chief Strategic Business Development, mobile phone +46 705 55 41 66 e-mail: Mobilaris AB Mobilaris AB develops and market information service platforms and location based services for the Mobile Internet. Mobilaris is one of the first companies in the world to fully integrate Internet, Mobile Communication, GSM positioning technologies and GPS (Global Positioning System) including DGPS accuracy over Mobile Internet in ONE platform. The platform allows unique possibilities to deliver content and information based on a users geographical location. Mobilaris was formed in 1999 and has currently a Development Center in Luleå and a Market Office in Stockholm. Please visit for more information and images. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download:

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Based in Stockholm and Luleå, Sweden, Mobilaris mission is to focus on fast time-to-market and return-on-investment for operators. Mobilaris combines the expertise of the very real mobile operator business environment with world-class mobile Internet technology and R&D. Mobilaris comprise proven business developers for location-based services, mobile software developers and strategic management expertise from the mobile communication industry. Mobilaris have together with Ericsson deployed commercially running installations across Europe.