About Us

Mobilize provides a patented mobile loyalty, vouchering and customer relationship management platform. It offers mobile operators and retailers the opportunity to operate a rewards programme entirely through the mobile phone. Each user has a unique ID. This is held on the mobile and any number of discounts, points and vouchers can be linked to the ID. Vouchers and rewards are redeemable through either a scannable barcode or via Near Field Communications (NFC). All discounts and vouchers can be redeemed at once. The single scan technology saves time at checkouts and because Mobilize’s platform works with any phone (either via SMS or an app), Mobilize can provide one customer experience for all mobile phone users. It also helps to thin wallets increasingly being filled up with loyalty cards. For retailers the cost of distributing physical cards can be £2-3 per customer per year, with additional costs for sending vouchers. Relevant and personalised offers can be sent to users quickly and simply via the phone, building a better brand loyalty and increasing spend. Mobile operators can provide a service to multiple retailers through one platform.