Monotype and Lippincott unveil curated ‘Brands With Heart’ collection

~ Helps brands identify typefaces that best convey humanistic qualities ~

London UK., 17 February, 2015 – Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: TYPE), a leading provider of typefaces, technology and expertise for creative applications and consumer devices, and Lippincott, a leading global branding firm, today introduced the Brands with Heart Collection. The curated collection features a palette of typefaces selected for their distinct personalities and idiosyncratic tendencies as well as their ability to convey the humanistic elements of a brand’s persona. The collection was inspired by recent work completed by Lippincott and Monotype, while designing a new brand identity and custom typeface for Southwest Airlines.

“In recent years, consumers have grown generally distrustful of institutions who communicate by declaring, preaching or selling. This cultural shift has caused brands to embrace their human side by listening to consumers, being more real and open and conveying their message in ways that are simple and honest,” said Rodney Abbot, Senior Partner at Lippincott. “One of the best ways for a brand to communicate its true self is through the written word. By partnering with Monotype on the Brands with Heart Collection we’ve shown how type complements the art of storytelling and embodies a brand’s personality.”

For example, Southwest Airlines – a company that has chartered its own course for the past 40 years by embodying a maverick spirit and a passion for serving others – decided it was time to strengthen and modernise its brand identity. The company wanted to stay true to its heritage but also boldly emphasise that what started Southwest is exactly what will lead it into the future — treating people more like people. Lippincott worked to capture the essence of Southwest’s belief that people are the most powerful fuel, and created a new heart logo.  

The design embodies the mantra “without heart, it’s just a machine,” a line developed by agency GSD&M, which was featured on Southwest Airlines brand launch ads. Lippincott also commissioned Monotype to develop a custom typeface, Southwest Sans, to complement Southwest’s story and embody the company’s unique brand personality. Time called Lippincott’s work “one of the best redesigns of 2014” and according to a poll of Southwest customers, 95 percent found the new identity appealing.  

“Our bold new look displays the heart of our employees and our brand promise to our customers,” said Kevin Krone, Southwest Airlines Chief Marketing Officer. “Working in partnership with Lippincott and Monotype on the custom typeface allowed us the ability to form every character in a way that conveyed our unique personality, voice, and visual identity.”

According to Monotype Type Director Dan Rhatigan, “When called into service, a typeface can uniquely express a variety of moods and tones without losing its family identity. The Southwest Sans typefaces were designed to feel like Southwest at their largest and smallest sizes, because every word counts.”

The Southwest Airlines project inspired Abbot to take a closer look at the role typography plays in the macro trend of creating more humanistic brands. In collaboration with colleagues Sam Ayling and Jung Kwon, Abbot curated a collection of his favorite typefaces identifying some of the charming quirks that may not be recognisable on first impression.  

Abbot said: “Shedding institutional habits and learning to speak with humanity is a challenging journey. It can’t be faked or fabricated. The Brands with Heart Collection will help to guide brands along that journey.”

To get more information about the Collection and request a copy, visit: To access “Welcome to the Human Era”, a Lippincott report on the key characteristics and behaviors of Human Era brands, visit:

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