Investor In People

The original PR Investor in People
The UK’s first IiP PR company, Montpellier, re-awarded with management
standard after 16 consecutive years

Award-winning marketing communications consultancy, Montpellier, , has
once again been recognised as an Investor In People – 16 years after
becoming the first ever PR company in the country to do so.

The Cheltenham-based consultancy, with an office in Soho, London, was
commended by the IIP consultants in their annual review of the seventeen
strong consultancy earlier this month, recognising in particular how the
company had innovated and prepared itself for and braved the threats
posed by the unprecedented trading conditions of Credit Crunch.
The IIP review also praised Montpellier for the maintenance of the
Group’s values through this period, its ‘excellent, inclusive
processes’, focus on ‘improving customer relationships’ and, perhaps
most importantly, the ‘respected leadership of its teams’.

“We are, of course, delighted with the results of the review” said
Montpellier's Chief Executive Guy Woodcock, “but it simply reflects the
importance that we place on the nurturing and development of our staff.

“The past year or two has been tough on everyone, but the most important
thing is not to allow external influences to affect the well-being and
treatment of your clients and staff,” explained Woodcock.

Investors in People is the UK’s leading people management standard,
providing a simple and flexible framework to help thousands of
organisations, from all sizes and all sectors, to improve their business

Montpellier works in a range of sectors, from healthcare and built
environment to defence and technology.
This year, the company has been short-listed for seven awards at the
prestigious CIPR Pride Awards, making Montpellier the most nominated
company in its region of the South West, topped out by Montpellier’s
additional short-listing in the national PRCA Awards in London next


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