About Us

The Moorland Association’s members conserves 90% of the heather moorland habitat in England and Wales. Heather moorland is rarer than rainforest and threatened globally – three quarters of what is left is found in Britain mainly because it is has continued to be been managed for red grouse. Since the Moorland Association was formed in 1985, it has achieved its aim to halt the loss of heather moorland smashing the Government’s 2010 conservation target by 170% from 200 -2010. It now seeks to return heather to all areas from which it has been lost south of the Scottish border in the last 100 years – some 250,000 acres. It helps policy formers and the general public understand the benefits of the activities of owners and managers and works closely with nature conservation bodies. Members of the Association are experts on related topics such as: bracken control, upland breeding birds, moorland wildfires, carbon lock up in peat, upland economics, grouse shooting, black grouse, designated landscapes, moorland management etc. and are available for interview and comment, as well as providing moorland locations for filming opportunities