Glen Art Awarded Silver for 'WAR DOG' Garden at Gardening Scotland 2015

Commemorating the role of dogs in war from the Western Front to Helmand Province

GlenArt, a charity that supports former members of the Armed Forces and their families, is celebrating a Silver Award at Gardening Scotland with their "War Dog" garden.

The garden commemorated the role of military dogs – From the 20,000 used during the First World War through the Second World War to the more recent conflict in Afghanistan.

The garden, which has two wire dog sculptures, was designed by veteran Ray Howie and built by veterans and volunteers, with funding from Comic Relief.

Former Army dog handler David Heyhoe was also at the garden to talk about dogs used by the Forces with his Labrador-spaniel cross Treo, who was awarded the Dicken Medal – the animal version of the VC – for saving soldiers’ lives in Afghanistan.

The garden featured wire sculptures of two dogs by artist Laura Antebi and a stone engraved by Paul Jones, with words from Wilfred Owen's Anthem for Doomed Youth.


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