SCOTLAND - Celebrations & Soul Food

An exciting adventure to discover the food and festivals of Scotland

Sit back, enjoy and prepare to see Scotland in a way you never have before.

Jean Muir is an American who fell in love with Scotland, and Scotland: Celebrations & Soul Food is her love letter to the culture, festivals and culinary riches of Scotland – her ‘adopted home’.

“Beginning at Midnight on Hogmanay, this is an around the country, around the calendar adventure to highlight how they celebrate north of the border – Scottish style!”  Says Jean.  “On my first trip to Scotland, after attending lectures from historians, I turned to my Scottish colleagues and said, ‘Okay, I understand the whole blood, guts and gore of Scottish history, but what do you celebrate?   What is your Fourth of July?   What is your Thanksgiving?   It was a question that would send me on a very wild ride indeed!”

Combining food and history, this book focuses on the many unique events and celebrations with in Scotland, describing the folklore, traditions and food centred around these cultural highlights.

Jeans adventure starts on Hogmanay at the world famous celebrations of Up Helly Aa in Shetland, and travels around Scotland experiencing the grandeur of the Border Ridings and the ancient customs such as the Burry Man of South Queensferry.  Jean Muir provides a graphical, detailed insider’s view of these spectacular events, commenting, “I hope to provide a fresh perspective into a world that is beautiful, breath-taking, culturally diverse and downright exotic, in a way that isn’t often represented in the everyday media”.

Since there is no point in having a festival without a feast, recipes are included that use regional and seasonal ingredients to give you a real feeling of participation, along with stunning images of her advertures.   Producing an original and innovative approach to Scottish products and ingredients, creating seasonal dishes that showcase the world-class bounty of Scotland, this informative but lively book embraces both modern and historic Scotland.

Price £24.99

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