Free internet at secure payments on the leading internet portal in Scandinavia -

FREE INTERNET AT SECURE PAYMENTS ON THE LEADING INTERNET PORTAL IN SCANDINAVIA - EVERYDAY.COM Today, was presented at a pressconference in Stockholm. The portal offers free Internet and secure payments as well as a broad content. - We have created the largest portal in Scandinavia at a very low cost. At the same time we have all income sources that exists on the Internet as well as unique means of payment, says Pelle Törnberg, CEO and President of Modern Times Group MTG AB. MTG owns the portal together with Netcom. Its CEO and President, Lars-Johan Jarnheimer says; - Through this co-operations we can increase the benefits to our customers and capitalize on the customers we have as the leading Internet provider in Scandinavia. At the pressconference, the following existing features were presented; - Possibilities to choose between 70.000 CD titles in the musicsite Everyday Music Store. In addition to existing payments such as payment on delivery, Comviq GSM customers can do their payment on their telephonebill. - Free Internet to all who register at Subscription is for free. Today, co-operates with Tele2, Optimal Telekom, Comviq GSM and Tele2 Mobil. - Free web based e-mail, assessable by members of irrespective of computer hardware. - SMS possibilities. - Chat. - A broad range of content ranging from news from Metro with the possibilities to download Metro Stockholm, Gothenburg or Europe. Financial news from Finanstidingen as well as updated weather forecasts and an electronic TV-Guide covering the most popular channels. The members will also be able to; - Listen to RIX FM. - View the news from TV3, ZTV News and TV3 Live together with the daily soup Vita Lögner. At the conference, a WAP services was demonstrated. I this service, new, weather are available together with the users personal address-book, one of many services that are provided to the members. Also broadbandsolutions with pay-per-view from ViaSat Broadcasting was presented. For more information please contact Niklas Zennström, acting President of, +352 091 752 357, Pelle Törnberg, CEO and President of MTG, +46 8 562 000 50, Lars-Johan Jarnheimer, CEO and President of Netcom, +46 8 562 640 00. ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download:

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