Metro lists shares on Nasdaq and SBI in Sweden

METRO LISTS SHARES ON NASDAQ AND SBI IN SWEDEN The Board of Directors of Modern Times Group MTG AB announced today that trading in Metro International S.A. shares will begin on the Nasdaq National Market in New York and the Stockholms Börsinformation (SBI) list when the markets open on Friday August 18. The date for delivery ("avstämningsdag") of Metro International shares is the same day. The last day for trading MTG shares cum rights for Metro shares is August 15. Metro International S.A. comprises all editions of Metro, a newspaper distributed free-of-charge and financed entirely by advertising. These editions include versions previously belonging to MTG's Metro International business area and versions previously belonging to the Publishing business area, the latter covering MTG's geographic core markets of the Nordic countries. Metro is published in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, and Helsinki. Outside the Nordic countries, the newspaper is published in Prague, Budapest, the Netherlands, Newcastle, Zurich, Rome, Santiago, Chile, Philadelphia, U.S.A., and Toronto, Canada, for a total of 13 editions in 11 countries. The proposal to distribute all shares in Metro International S.A. to the shareholders of MTG was announced on April 18. The proposal was approved by MTG's annual meeting of shareholders on May 25. Each class A share in MTG entitles its owner to one A share in Metro International S.A. Each B share in MTG entitles its owner to 0.7 B share and 0.3 A share in Metro International S.A. A complete prospectus will be distributed to MTG shareholders in the next few days. The company is considering listing its shares in London and Luxembourg and on the OM Stockholm Exchange. MTG's interim report for the period January 1-June 30, 2000, will be published on August 14, and the report for Metro International S.A. on August 16. For additional information, please contact Pelle Törnberg, president and CEO of MTG and Metro International, at +46-8-5620 0050. Modern Times Group MTG AB is listed on the OM Stockholm Exchange's O list (symbol: MTG) and on the Nasdaq National Market in New York (symbol: MTGNY). ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download:

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