Mandatory notification oftrade - primary insiders

As part of the share based bonus arrangement for group management for 2016, the following primary insiders have purchased and been allotted Multiconsult shares:

Christian Nørgaard Madsen, CEO, 2 964 shares.
After the transaction he holds 51 122 shares.

Anne Harris, CFO, 810 shares.
After the transaction she holds 10 673 shares.

Grethe Bergly, EVP Greater Oslo Area, 736 shares.
After the transaction she holds 24 390 shares.

Lars Opsahl, EVP Regions Norway, 710 shares. A
fter the transaction he holds 58 534 shares.

Elisabeth M. Stene, EVP Human Resources, 688 shares.
After the transaction she holds 10 248 shares.

Ola Dalen, EVP Corporate Projects, 666 shares.
After the transaction he holds 50 666 shares

Øyvind Holtedahl, EVP Marketing, Strategy & Innovation, 444 shares.
After the transaction he holds 8 120 shares.

Leif Øie, EVP Architecture, 230 shares.
After the transaction he holds 1 334 shares.

As stated in note 8 in the 2016 annual report, if defined targets are met, a part of the earned bonus will be paid in 2017 in the form of shares with a discount of 30% and a three year lock-in period. There is a maximum of four months’ salary for the CEO and two months’ salary for the other members of group management.

In total Multiconsult sold and allocated 7 248 shares and after the transaction Multiconsult holds 750 of its own shares. The transaction was based on a price of NOK 62.87 per share, which is a 30% discount of the traded volume-weighted average share price of NOK 89.82 per share in the period between 26 June 2017 - 30 June 2017.

For further information, please contact:

   Investor relations:      
   Mirza Koristovic, Head of Investor Relations      
   Phone: +47 93 87 05 25      

   Gaute Christensen, VP Communications      
   Phone: +47 911 70 188      

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