MultiQ enters into agreements with business partners in Germany and the Netherlands

MultiQ has signed additional agreements with Mikado Computers in Berlin and Hedera Kantoorefficiancy BV in Amsterdam. The agreements cover sales and marketing of MultiQ´s flat monitors, which allow for customized solutions. As a result, MultiQ will have a stronger position in these two countries. The agreement is part of MultiQ´s strategy of systematically expanding its collaboration with high-quality business partners that have close contact with big companies and are able to market the value-added MultiQ offers in terms of ergonomics and the projection of corporate image. As flat monitor technology matures, the products of most manufacturers are basically identical. Thus, the unique features offered by MultiQ are increasingly important. . To one extent or another, all countries have a need for monitors that are suitable to public settings, where durability is essential and the ability to project corporate image a major competitive advantage. According to Jonathan Nilsson, CEO of MultiQ International AB, "Mikado Computer and Hedera are each well established in their particular markets. Our goal is to construct a complete European network of systems distributors that market applications involving a high degree of customization. Our ability to tailor solutions to the needs of our customers has allowed us to carve out a niche where we can offer substantial value-added. Both of these companies fit the bill perfectly." All of MultiQ´s flat monitors, flat panel computers and thin clients are exceptionally sturdy. As a result, they are perfectly suitable for checkout lines, production sites, and public settings. Part of the unique and powerful concept is the ability of businesses to adapt MultiQ´s products to their own logo, design, and colors. Photos of MultiQ´s products and management team may be downloaded in JPEG format from the company´s web site: For additional information, please contact: Jonathan Nilsson, CEO of MultiQ Products AB, Phone: +46 40 14 35 38, Fax: +46 40 14 35 01 Cell phone: +46 709 74 35 38

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