MultiQ enters into marketing agreement for Asia and Australia

MultiQ signed an agreement with SAMPO Technologies today for the marketing of its monitors in Australia and a number of Asian countries. The agreement stems from MultiQ´s participation in Taipei´s recent Computex trade show. The collaboration will open the door for MultiQ in markets where SAMPO has well-established distribution channels. MultiQ signed an agreement today with SAMPO Technologies in Taiwan for the marketing of its flat monitors in a number of countries where its products have never been distributed before. The countries covered by the agreement are Taiwan, Thailand, China, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Malaysia, Australia, India, the Philippines and New Zealand. The royalty agreement represents a considerable expansion of MultiQ´s market area and offers the potential for new revenue without increasing costs. As flat monitor technology matures, the products of most manufacturers are basically identical. Thus, the unique features offered by MultiQ are increasingly important. That is true not only in the West, but also in Asia—more so every day. For instance, the Japanese are very interested in ergonomics and low emissions. To one extent or another, all countries have a need for monitors that are suitable to public settings, where durability is essential and the ability to project corporate image a major competitive advantage. In the words of Jonathan Nilsson, CEO of MultiQ International AB, "We have worked with SAMPO on development production for over a year now. They are almost as familiar with out products as we are. SAMPO´s extensive distribution network will give us the opportunity to quickly enter key markets and make our trademark more known." All of MultiQ´s flat monitors, flat panel computers and thin clients are exceptionally sturdy. As a result, they are perfectly suitable for checkout lines, production sites, and public settings. Part of the unique and powerful concept is the ability of businesses to adapt MultiQ´s products to their own logo, design, and colors. Photos of MultiQ´s products and management team may be downloaded in JPEG format from the company´s web site: For additional information, please contact: Jonathan Nilsson, CEO of MultiQ Products AB, Phone: +46 40 14 35 38, Fax: +46 40 14 35 01 Cell phone: +46 709 74 35 38

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