Annual General Meeting in Munters AB (publ)

Annual General Meeting in Munters AB (publ) Board of Directors and Auditors At today's Annual General Shareholders' Meeting in Munters AB, the board members Berthold Lindqvist, Sören Mellstig, Bo Ingemarson, Sven Ohlsson, Anders Jagraeus, Lars Spongberg and Lennart Evrell were re-elected. At the subsequent Statutory Board Meeting, Berthold Lindqvist was appointed Chairman of the Board. Distribution of Dividend The Meeting approved the proposal by the Board and the Managing Director for a dividend of SEK 2.30 per share. The record date was set to April 30, 2001 and the dividend is expected to be distributed by VPC on May 4, 2001. Acquisition and Transfer of Own Shares The Meeting approved the proposal by the Board of Directors to authorise the Board of Directors to decide upon the acquisition and transfer of the company's own shares. Debentures with detachable warrants The Meeting approved the proposal by the Board of Directors to issue debentures with detachable warrants and approved the transfer of warrants as proposed. CEO Speech Lennart Evrell, CEO of Munters started his speech by commenting on the current market situation. -Munters is 40% a service company when we add the MCS business (Moisture Control Services) to the aftermarket service on our products. The power and water segment accounts for 15%, the food industry 15%, and the pharmaceutical industry 15%. These segments stand for 75% of our business, and are normally not too exposed to market volatility. Further, Lennart Evrell commented: -The growth factors of Munters are quality and productivity development, the general development and globalisation of the service industry. More increasingly we are experiencing a demand for improved indoor climate and energy consumption related to air conditioning. The environmental issues are becoming more and more important to Munters' growth. Munters had a good year 2000 with strong growth in all product areas in region Europe and Americas, and experienced a good demand in region Asia. Lennart Evrell also commented briefly on the results for the first quarter 2001 which was presented earlier today. Stockholm April 25, 2001 Munters AB (publ) For further information please contact: CEO Lennart Evrell Tel: +46-8-626 63 03 CFO Bernt Ingman Tel: +46-8-626 63 06 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download:

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Munters sells products and services for controlling humidity of the air.