Munters mitigates losses after Texas storm Allison

Munters mitigates losses after Texas storm Allison Allison, the worst rainstorm to hit Texas in 22 years, dropped over 900 mm of rain in the Houston area in four days in early June. The storm killed 17 people and caused an estimated SEK 10 billion in damages. Munters MCS operation (Moisture Control Services) was called to more than 40 sites in less than three days. By the end of the fourth week after the storm, 120 projects, using thousands of pieces of drying equipment, had been completed. The total order value is estimated to be in excess of SEK 50 million. Over 40 schools, universities, numerous hospitals as well as a number of large building management firms was helped by Munters. Munters also helped restoring some 300 m3 of books and documents at the Houston Medical Center. "From a disaster management point of view this was a milestone in the way that it proved that customers now know that prompt action to begin drying after water damage will significantly reduce losses and minimize business interruption. Building management professionals also understand the danger of micro biological contamination. Mold, mildew and bacteria can grow rapidly in flooded buildings, causing serious long term health hazards, particularly if the outside temperatures are warm. Houston buildings were rife for contamination with temperatures between 20-30 degrees Celsius.", says Lauren Reid, Munters General Manager of Moisture Control Services in the US. Nearly 5000 dehumidifiers and air movers were working at one time. With the need to press all possible equipment into service, Munters unveiled a new mobile drying system called Emergency Response Unit (ERU). The ERU can be installed in a building that has lost all power and immediately go into service. "With an estimated amount in excess of SEK 50 million in orders, this is one of the largest projects in Munters MCS history. However, weather related damages are only a small part of our business. The largest segment by far in this division is the every day insurance claim like bursting pipes and leaking household appliances in houses, stores and industrial buildings", says CEO Lennart Evrell. For further information, please contact: CEO Lennart Evrell tel: +46 8 626 6303 mobil: 070 588 15 15 CFO Bernt Ingman tel: +46 8 626 6306 mobil: 070 672 74 54 VP Corporate Communications Sören Sjöström tel: +46 8 626 6308 mobil: 070 600 22 44 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download:

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