Munters restoration work after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita continues

The restoration work in the New Orleans area continues. Munters projects include restoration of sport arenas, archives, schools, libraries, hotels and federal buildings.

Eighty-five projects have been secured as a result of hurricanes Katrina and Rita including several hotels, schools and federal buildings. Among the high-profile jobs in New Orleans are the Notarial Archives where Munters has been awarded projects for saving thousands of important public records, books and photos and other historic paperwork. Another significant project is the New Orleans arena, home of the basketball team New Orleans Hornets, which has been dehumidified and cleaned up by Munters. Almost 500 employees including temporary personnel are tackling the work using 5,000 dehumidifier units and other equipment. The order value to date amounts to 15 MUSD, the majority of which will be invoiced during the fourth quarter. Hurricane Katrina is thereby the largest disaster event for Munters so far. Previous large events include Hurricane Allison, September 11th and last year’s four Hurricanes in Florida. “The majority of the assignments goes well beyond just drying”, says Lauren Reid, General Manager, MCS Americas. “The clean-up work, which often requires demolition activities, and the many document jobs, are labor intensive and requires significant flexibility in the management of large numbers of temporary labor in a very difficult working environment. The daily logistics, simply getting to and working in the devastated areas, is a challenge”, Reid continues. Lennart Evrell Chief Executive Officer For further information, please contact: Lennart Evrell, CEO Tel: +46 8 626 63 03 Mob: +46 70 588 15 15 Bernt Ingman, CFO Tel: +46 8 626 63 06 Mob: +46 70 672 74 54 Sören Sjöström, VP Corporate Communication Tel: +46 8 626 63 08 Mob: +46 70 600 22 44

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