Munters sponsors a winner

Munters sponsors a winner The Munters Group will sponsor MoDo Hockey, the current leader of the Swedish Hockey League. It is all natural for Munters to sponsor MoDo Hockey since Munters during the last years has delivered dehumidification equipment to several Ice-skating rinks in Europe and in the US. -Ice-skating rinks are closely connected with Munters technique for dehumidification, says Munters' CEO Lennart Evrell. -The hockey teams in NHL won't play if the rinks haven't dehumidification equipment installed. With Munters dehumidification the ice will be much more receptive to refrigeration which make the ice much harder. Another positive effect of dehumidification is that it provides a better indoor climate at a lesser cost The players find it easier to perform as the ice-quality and the indoor climate improve. One important substantial effect of the Munters' technique is that it helps to protect buildings and equipment against humidity problems caused by a high level of moisture. -Munters dehumidification in ice-skating rinks is a good example of how we work to find new applications, says Lennart Evrell. -We discover all the time new opportunities for Munters; where there is cold surfaces combined with moisture there is a potential for Munters dehumidification. For more information please contact: VP Corporate Communications Per Bowallius Tel:+46 8-626 63 08, +46 70-324 03 14, ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download:

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