The Election Committee’s proposal for Board Members of Munters AB

The Election Committee of Munters has informed that on the Annual General Meeting on 26 April the Election Committee will propose the following:

re-election of all Board Members except for CEO Lennart Evrell who will resign at the Annual General Meeting. The seven Board Members are Berthold Lindqvist, Jan Svensson, Sven Ohlsson, Bengt Kjell, Anders Ilstam, Sören Mellstig and Eva-Lotta Kraft. that Berthold Lindqvist be elected Chairman of the Board. that remuneration totaling 1,450,000 SEK shall be paid to the Board Members and that it shall be distributed with 175,000 SEK to each Member not employed by the Company and with 400 000 SEK to the Chairman of the Board. that remuneration to the Members of the Audit Committee shall be paid with 50,000 SEK to the Chairman and 25,000 SEK to each of the other Members. that no special remuneration shall be paid to the Members of the Remuneration Committee. The Election Committee’s proposal is supported by shareholders representing 52.5 percent of the total shares and votes in Munters AB. The Election Committee comprises: Chairman Carl-Olof By, Industrivärden, Gustaf Douglas, Latour, Jan Andersson, Robur fonder, Cecilia Lager, SEB fonder, Jan-Erik Erenius, AMF pension and Berthold Lindqvist, Chairman of the Board, Munters AB.

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Munters sells products and services for controlling humidity of the air.


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