Stanley CSS and Hoyos to Transform Access Control and Identity Management

NAPERVILLE, IL April 11, 2011 Stanley Convergent Security Solutions (Stanley CSS), part of Stanley Black & Decker (NYSE: SWK), the second largest commercial security services company in the United States and a leading provider of advanced integrated security solutions the world over, announces its strategic partnership with Hoyos Corporation (Hoyos). The partnership will deliver a suite of the most advanced, efficient, cost effective iris-based biometric technology product solutions to Stanley CSSs global client base. The Hoyos technology effectively eliminates identity-based fraud by securely matching people with the unique biometric markers associated with their irises.  Hoyos complete and innovative biometric access control technology includes proprietary camera, lighting technology, chip-sets, software and physical form factors for capturing iris data. 

Under the terms of this strategic partnership, Stanley CSS has exclusive rights to distribute Hoyos proprietary technology, products and solutions in the U.S. and Europe.  Additionally, Hoyos will transition its entire current global client base, including U.S. governmental agencies, foreign governments and large corporations and financial institutions to Stanley CSS for management.  The partnership allows Stanley CSS to expand its expertise in providing high-level security solutions to existing clients, especially in the government and financial sectors.  Furthermore, this partnership will provide Hoyos with the financial and operational flexibility to continuously expand its portfolio of identity-based, biometric technology product solutions.

Stanleys partnership with Hoyos exemplifies our commitment to identifying, developing and marketing innovative and revolutionary technologies in the security industry, stated Brett Bontrager, Senior Vice President & Group Executive, Stanley Security Solutions, for Stanley Black & Decker. For more than 150 years Stanley has been focused on bringing the most innovative technologies to commercial, industrial, government, education and healthcare markets.  The Hoyos offering is very exciting technology and Stanley is committed to bringing this to our most valued clients around the globe. 

For the past twenty years, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Hoyos Corporation, Hector Hoyos, and co-founder Dr. Keith Hanna have been influential pioneers in the research and development of biometric authentication systems, bringing the value and accuracy of iris-scanning technology to the forefront of the security and identity discussions.

Hoyos suite of iris-scanning technology product solutions including the HBOX ®, EyeSwipe-Mini® and EyeSwipe-Nano provide the most accurate identification and access control solutions available in the market, said Hector Hoyos, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Hoyos Group.

About the Technology:


  • The Hoyos suite of product solutions scans a users iris at a distance while the person is in motion at the rate of approximately one person per second.  The high throughput accuracy and ease of use make this device a highly attractive product for commercial, industrial and high-density residential property usage.
  • The products detect liveness in the iris in order to prevent fraud and ensure the user is a living person; the life verifier recognizes the absence of a live person and denies access.
  • The human iris has roughly 2,000 points that are variable from person to person, making it the most stable biometric template available. Its error rate is one in 100 million squared.
  • Hoyos iris-scanning technology product solutions provide the feature sets and cost-effectiveness to augment or replace antiquated card-based access controls systems.

Stanley CSS aligned very well with Hoyos business goals and clearly understands the impact and market reach of our intellectual property.  Stanley CSS has committed to leveraging its robust global sales network to bring our technology product solutions to a broad marketplace, Hoyos concluded.

The security and access control industry continues to evolve and advance in technology and solutions.  With this partnership, Stanley CSS and Hoyos are well-positioned to lead the industry and change the way identity management and access control needs are served.

 Customers look to Stanley CSS to provide unique, innovative and complete security solutions and technologies to solve their security and business needs.  We are excited to partner with Hoyos, a proven leader in iris-based biometric technology solutions.  We believe the Hoyos technology will be a very positive addition to our suite of security solutions, stated Tony Byerly, President Stanley CSS Direct, North America and United Kingdom. We see the Hoyos solutions as game changers in the identity management space with great application for corporate, industrial, government and national account customers in addition to many commercial applications.

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About Stanley Convergent Security Solutions, Inc.

A part of Stanley Black & Decker (NYSE: SWK), Stanley Convergent Security Solutions, Inc. is the second largest electronic security company based on total revenue and one of the largest system integrators in the United States. Stanley CSS has over 75 offices serving over 120 of the largest metropolitan markets in North America.  Stanley CSS designs, installs, monitors and services security systems for industrial, government, commercial, residential and national account customers.  Stanley CSS represents a network of resources, state-of-the-art technology and a culture dedicated to excellence; where its employees have the training, the equipment and the processes they need to deliver the finest security solutions in the industry. Stanley CSS provides the best of both worlds, a local company with global resources and one of the most trusted names in security serving over 300,000 customers in North America.

About Hoyos Corporation

Hoyos Corporation is a global company with shareholders from across the world. It was incorporated in San Juan, Puerto Rico in November of 2005 as an intellectual property holding company with a world class R&D operation. Today, Hoyos is revolutionizing the access control and identity management industry. The global reliance upon electronic data and transactions has created an increasing need to secure identity and control access to physical locations, electronic networks and the devices that connect to them in order to combat the very costly threats of identity theft and financial fraud. Hoyos delivers a vastly different operating model where privacy, convenience and security are synonymous.