Micronic Laser Systems Inc. established in the US

Micronic Laser Systems Inc. established in the US President with long experience in the semiconductor industry appointed. Micronic Laser Systems AB today has announced the incorporation of its US operation as Micronic Laser Systems, Inc. and the appointment of Jorge Freyer as President. The US operation and the appointment of Jorge Freyer are key to the company's expansion in the semiconductor mask market. Jorge Freyer has held a numerous positions within the equipment industry Mr. Freyer has been a General Partner of PacTech LLC, a San Francisco based company specializing in business development and investments in the Semiconductor Industry. Prior to that Jorge was the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Sony-MRC. Mr. Freyer was a founder of Etec System Inc. in 1989 and has been involved in the industry for over twenty years. He holds a graduate degree in engineering from Stanford University. "We see our increased presence in US not only vital to better support our customers, but also an essential part of our growth strategy. The US organization under Mr. Freyer will oversee a widening range of activities in the US which not only involve improved customer support and market expansion, but also the development of strategic partnerships", indicated Bert Jeppsson, President and CEO of Micronic Laser Systems AB. Micronic Laser Systems in brief Micronic Laser Systems is a Swedish high-tech company engaged in the development, manufacturing and marketing of a series of extremely accurate laser writers for the production of photomasks. The technology involved is known as microlithography. Micronic recently announced a new series of pattern generators, Omega6000, aimed for leading edge semiconductor applications. Micronic's systems are used by the world's leading electronics companies in the manufacturing of television and computer displays, semiconductor circuits and semiconductor packaging components. Micronic is a fast growing company with 171 employees. Micronic is situated in Täby, north of Stockholm and has at present four service offices in: Japan, Taiwan and the US. Micronic maintains a web-site at: www.micronic.se Contact: Bert Jeppsson, President & CEO, phone: +46 8 638 52 66 ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit http://www.bit.se for further information The following files are available for download: http://www.bit.se/bitonline/1999/11/01/20000707BIT00660/bit0001.doc http://www.bit.se/bitonline/1999/11/01/20000707BIT00660/bit0002.pdf

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Mycronic AB is a Swedish high-tech company engaged in the development, manufacture and marketing of production equipment with high precision and flexibility requirements for the electronics industry. Mycronic headquarters are located in Täby, north of Stockholm and the Group has subsidiaries in China, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and the United States. Mycronic AB (publ) is listed on NASDAQ Stockholm, Mid Cap: MYCR