Micronic Mydata extends the range of laser photomask patterning with the introduction of the Sigma7700

Täby, Sweden - November 24, 2010 - Micronic Mydata AB (publ), listed on NASDAQ OMX Nordic Stockholm, Small Cap: MICR, today launched the Sigma7700, a pattern generator for producing the majority of photomasks needed down to the 22nm technology node. The tool sets a new standard as the most advanced laser writer available, following previous generations in the Sigma deep-UV product series.

At the heart of the Sigma7700 optics is a third-generation, proprietary spatial light modulator (SLM) with unprecedented accuracy. Coupled with a high resolution calibration camera, the image quality has been taken to a new level.
Systematic improvements to the Sigma platform have also led to even tighter control of photomask placement performance. Included in the system release is MirrorEqualizer, a function that further enhances pattern quality.

“The majority of masks needed for advanced chip production are written most cost-effectively by laser pattern generators, and the Sigma7700 extends this capability forward by another technology generation,” said Peter Uddfors,
Micronic Mydata President and CEO. “The tool demonstrates Micronic Mydata's commitment to providing cost-effective patterning solutions for the semiconductor market.”

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Peter Uddfors    
President & CEO    
Tel: +46 8 638 52 00    

About Micronic Mydata AB
Micronic Mydata AB is a Swedish high-tech company engaged in the development, manufacture and marketing of a series of extremely accurate laser pattern generators for the production of photomasks and advanced surface mount technology (SMT) equipment for flexible production of electronics. The pattern generators are used by the world's leading electronics companies in the manufacture of television and computer displays, semiconductor circuits and semiconductor packaging components. The SMT equipment, including software applications, is used for surface mounting of electronic components and stencil free jetting of solder paste. Micronic Mydata headquarters is located in Täby, north of Stockholm and at present the Group has subsidiaries in China, France, Germany Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and the United States. For more information see our web site at: www.micronic-mydata.com