Redefining sharpness

Redefining sharpness Micronic launches the Omega6000 product line, on September 15 and 16 at the Bacus Conference in Monterey, CA, USA. The Omega6000 is a new generation of laser patterning generators targeted for the production of semiconductor photomasks at the 180 nm technology node. The high resolution and outstanding line-width control together with a high-speed data path make the Omega6000 an ideal tool for producing advanced masks in a cost effective manner. "We have simplified the complex pattern generation process and developed an innovative solution which is highly cost-effective", says Per Lidén, product manager at Micronic. Highest resolution High optical efficiency and a large NA lens provide the highest resolution of a laser pattern generator in the industry. Outstanding CD control The CD uniformity of the Omega6000 systems begins with its architecture. The use of acousto-optics and a fine address grid result in near perfect beam placement control. High productivity and low cost of ownership High writing speed combined with a scalable data path make the Omega6000 a high productivity system. About Micronic Laser Systems AB (publ.) Micronic Laser Systems is a Swedish high-tech company engaged in the development, manufacturing and marketing of a series of extremely accurate laser writers for the production of photomasks. The technology involved is known as microlithography. Micronic's systems are used by the world's leading electronics companies in the manufacturing of television and computer displays, semiconductor circuits and semiconductor packaging components. The company has 171 employees, 125 of which have joined the company since the beginning of 1996. Micronic is located in Täby, north of Stockholm and has service offices in Japan, Taiwan and the US. Contact: Per Lidén, Product Manager, phone +46 8 638 52 15 ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download:

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Mycronic AB is a Swedish high-tech company engaged in the development, manufacture and marketing of production equipment with high precision and flexibility requirements for the electronics industry. Mycronic headquarters are located in Täby, north of Stockholm and the Group has subsidiaries in China, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and the United States. Mycronic AB (publ) is listed on NASDAQ Stockholm, Mid Cap: MYCR