Financing secured for Fabege acquisition

Financing secured for Fabege acquisition Näckebro AB (publ) has today obtained the necessary advance commitment in the form of a medium-term loan facility. Fully utilised together with existing liquid assets in Näckebro, this means that an acquisition of Fabege can be financed. On 4 June 1997, the Board of Directors of Näckebro decided to make a public offer, against cash payment, to acquire all shares and convertible debentures in Fabege AB (publ) for SEK 85 per share and convertible debenture respectively. The advance commitment means that the reservation with regard to financing of the acquisition in Näckebro's public offer to the shareholders in Fabege no longer applies, while the following two reservations remain unchanged: 1. That the offer is accepted to such an extent that Näckebro becomes the owner of more than 90 per cent of the total number of shares in Fabege, representing more than 90 per cent of the total number of votes for all shares in Fabege, calculated after full conversion of outstanding convertible debentures. Näckebro reserves the rights, however, to complete the offer in the event of lower participation. 2. that the offer, prior to completion of the offer being publicised, is not assessed by Näckebro as being rendered wholly or partly impossible or significantly difficult in Sweden or abroad, which at the time of assessment has occurred or can be expected, or by another circumstance outside Näckebro's control. The prospectus is expected to be published on 20 June 1997. The application period is expected to run from 23 June-18 July 1997. Accounting for settlement is expected to start on 30 July 1997. Näckebro reserves the right, however, to the extend the application period and to postpone the date of accounting for settlement. For further information, please contact: Lennart Schönning, Chief Executive of Näckebro, Tel. +46 8 459 20 00Tel. +46 70 645 02 50. Näckebro is an innovative property company characterised by a modern organisational philosophy, active property development and an open information policy. The property portfolio is of high quality and in the process of being concentrated to office and residential properties in Stockholm, Malmö, Gothenburg and London. At the end of the first quarter of 1997 the property portfolio comprised approximately 900,000 sq.m. with a book value of SEK 7,600 M. Näckebro is listed on the O-list of the Stockholm Stock Exchange.


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