Näckebro announces a dividend of SEK 1:30 per share

Näckebro announces a dividend of SEK 1:30 per share Today's Annual General Meeting of Näckebro's shareholders adopted the Board's proposal to declare a dividend of SEK 1:30 per share. Shareholders will receive a total of SEK 30,972,367. The dividend will be distributed by the Securities Register Centre (VPC) in Stockholm on 5 May 1997. The Board of Näckebro elected Chief Executive Lennar Schönning to serve as a new board member. The other members were re-elected. The Meeting also adopted the proposal to change the name of the company to Näckebro AB (publ). Since being listed on the O list of the Stockholm Stock Exchange in June 1996, Näckebro has established itself as one of the major and most financially strong property companies in Sweden. Näckebro differs from other property companies in that it buys in property management services, in addition to information and public relations services, legal services, architects' services, engineering services and construction services. Näckebro's own expertise is concentrated in a small team of company employees and property specialists. "The working method we have adopted by outsourcing management services is very unusual in the business, but is appropriate to the times," commented Chief Executive Lennart Schönning in his address to the AGM. "Our tenants benefit from the properties being looked after by people who are specialists in property management. "Our days as a bank-owned company are well behind us now," says Lennart Schönning, adding: "Our first year as a quoted company has been satisfactory. The profits of SEK 62 M after financial items are in line with our forecast. An equity/assets ratio of 47% will contribute to the stability of the company. "We believe the property market will continue favourable for Näckebro. Our properties are all of high quality, well maintained and in good locations. Näckebro is now concentrating its investments to office and residential properties in Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg, and office accommodation in London." For further information, please contact: Lennart Schönning, Chief Executive Tel.: +46-(0)8-459 20 01, mobile: 070-645 02 50 Attached: Key facts about Näckebro


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