Näckebro sells Villa Pauli in Djursholm

Näckebro is selling Fastighets AB Defensor which owns Villa Pauli in Djursholm. This transaction will provide a capital gain of SEK 14 M. Villa Pauli, with property designation Breidablick 8-9, is located at Strandvägen 19 in Djursholm. Villa Pauli was designed by Ragnar Östberg who was also the architect behind the Stockholm Town Hall. The property comprises 2,000 sq. m. and is used as a hotel and conference centre. The house was built in 1907 for the Pauli family and underwent total renovation for its present use in 1986. For further information, please contact Lennart Schönning, Chief Executive, tel. +46 8 412 19 01, +46 70 645 02 50


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