About Us

A Defined MissionThe strength of the National Gallery of Canada lies in its collection of art, especially Canadian art, and its accessibility to the public across the country. The collection opens the way for appreciation of the finest in artistic expression: The works of art reveal the past, celebrate the present, and probe the future. The collection must be expanded, preserved, interpreted, and used extensively by the public for pleasure and understanding, for research and the advancement of knowledge. ValuesAccessibility: Programs are developed with the public in mind – not only visitors to the Gallery, but all Canadians.Excellence and Scholarship: The Gallery builds upon the high standards it has attained over the years in all its endeavours, from research to acquisitions, exhibitions, publications and public programs.Corporate Citizenship: The Gallery meets its public policy and legal obligations.Leadership: The Gallery acts as a recognized leader in the national and international art museum communities.Collaboration: The Gallery collaborates with the network of art museums in all regions of Canada and abroad, and with its partners in the Government of Canada.The Gallery’s Workforce: The Gallery values its workforce and creates a work environment in which people can maximize their potential and contribute fully to the success of the organization.