Natto: Signs Exclusive Distribution Agreement With Glanbia Nutritionals for MenaQ7® PURE

Høvik (August 26, 2014).  Nattopharma ASA is excited to announce its newly formed exclusive distribution agreement with Glanbia Nutritionals, whereby NattoPharma's new ingredient, MenaQ7® PURE, a first-in-class nature-identical synthetic vitamin K2 as menaquinone-7 (MK-7), will be distributed throughout the United States and Canada by Glanbia Nutritionals, a leader in innovative premixes for supplements and functional foods and beverages. MenaQ7® PURE was innovated by NattoPharma to serve the dietary supplement, and food and beverage industries that require purity of ingredients that deliver more physical economy during manufacturing.

A division of Glanbia plc, an international nutritional solutions and cheese group headquartered in Ireland, Glanbia Nutritionals manufactures and sells nutritional and functional ingredient solutions to the food, beverage, supplement, and animal nutrition industries. The No. 2 global micronutrient blending provider with the largest sports nutrition brand family globally, Glanbia employs more than 5,000 employees worldwide with an operations presence in 29 countries, while distributing products in over 130 countries. Specific to Glanbia’s U.S. and Canadian operations, the company has production facilities, warehouses, and distributors strategically placed throughout North America to capitalize on key regions and growth opportunities. Glanbia reports total group revenue of €3.3 billion (+10.5%), reflecting continued strong organic growth in both Global Performance Nutrition and Global Ingredients.

"MenaQ7® PURE is the newest offering to Glanbia Nutritionals' arsenal of unique, proprietary, branded, clinically substantiated, and validated ingredients," says Hogne Vik, CEO in NattoPharma. "The market for vitamin K2 as MK-7 is clearly expanding as the scientific evidence of its ability to promote bone and cardiovascular health continues to accumulate. As vitamin K2 awareness has been rapidly growing, NattoPharma has been fielding an influx of inquiries. Glanbia Nutritionals' broad and deep customer base will benefit from this vital new offering, which will further enhance NattoPharma’s U.S. presence.”

“This is a breakthrough for the work we have been consistently advancing in the United States, as we have said that we have been in contact with some large U.S. companies. Building strong partnerships is a long process, but one that is extremely gratifying when it comes to fruition,” continues Froce Marc Bohan, Chairman of the Board in NattoPharma. "Glanbia's expertise and network is a fantastic start to help create a healthier, more robust population."

NattoPharma's MenaQ7® PURE is produced in a European pharmaceutical manufacturing facility and is fully validated by numerous human clinical studies, as well as in-vivo and in-vitro research; it is recognized by the world’s leading experts in vitamin K2 at University of Maastricht (Netherlands) for purity and quality.

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About MenaQ7®

MenaQ7® is the best documented, commercially available natural vitamin K2 with guaranteed actives and stability, clinical substantiation and international patents granted and pending. For more information on the health benefits of MenaQ7, visit

About NattoPharma

NattoPharma USA, Inc. is the wholly owned U.S. subsidiary of NattoPharma ASA, Norway, which is the world’s leader in vitamin K2 research and development. NattoPharma is the exclusive international supplier of MenaQ7®, the natural vitamin K2 as MK-7, and the company has been in a multi-year research and development program to substantiate and discover the health benefits of natural vitamin K2 for applications in the marketplace for functional food and dietary supplements. For more information, visit

About Glanbia Nutritionals

Glanbia Nutritionals manufactures and sells nutritional and functional ingredient solutions to the food, beverage, supplement, and animal nutrition industries. Glanbia Nutritionals is a division of Glanbia plc, an international nutritional solutions and cheese group headquartered in Ireland. Glanbia has more than 5,000 employees worldwide, with sales/technical support in 14 countries, four state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, and 13 global points of distribution. Glanbia’s products are sold in over 130 countries worldwide. Visit for more information.

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About Us

NattoPharma, the world leader in Vitamin K2 Research and Development, has invested millions of dollars in in-vitro, in-vivo, and clinical studies to document the effects of MenaQ7® Vitamin K2 as MK-7. This commitment has created the only patented and clinically validated K2 on the market. After establishing the first commercial Vitamin K2 with its flagship brand, MenaQ7®, NattoPharma has consistently answered and met market needs through the development of new production technologies:• In 2012, the company introduced MenaQ7® Crystals, which represented an important breakthrough in the new generation of Vitamin K2 products, producing the purest natural MK-7 available.• In 2014, NattoPharma introduced the only all-trans nature-identical synthesized Vitamin K2, MenaQ7® PURE. Not only did the company succeed in changing the market with MenaQ7® PURE – offering a high-quality, competitively priced ingredient – but its efforts were rewarded with the NutrAward for Best Functional Ingredient at Natural Products West/engredea 2015. Vitamin K2 is essential for the body to utilize calcium to build healthy, strong bones and to inhibit calcium deposits in the arteries. Published clinical studies have demonstrated the high bioavailability and proof of efficacy for Nattopharma’s all-trans MK-7 products in healthy and diseased populations, for bone and cardiovascular health. NattoPharma continues to build its competitive advantage through focuson IPR and has patents both granted and pending related to relevant healthbenefits and market segments, creating extra value for its customers. And NattoPharma staff consists of professionals people with longstanding experience in medical and biochemical research as well as pharmaceutical and food supplement development. By understanding and controlling the chemistry, NattoPharma provides the market all-trans MK-7 products, while our sales and marketing team has extensive knowledge of international market demands with which it supports our partners.