NattoPharma's MenaQ7 and its role in promoting cardiovascular health

Studies done by Maastricht University indicate that MenaQ7 has the potential to prevent or even reduce vascular calcification. Especially for patients prone for vascular calcification, such as those with chronic kidney disease, this calcification reduction may positively influence their outcome. NattoPharma announced today that MenaQ7(TM) natural vitamin K2 as menaquinone-7 is the first vitamin K-product tested placebo controlled in hemodialysis patients. In this study, 53 hemodialysis patients compared to 102 control patients revealed that hemodialysis patients are characterized by an extreme vitamin K-deficiency and impaired mineralization inhibitors, meaning they do not have the ability to protect against arterial calcification.  Six weeks of MenaQ7 supplementation increased active MGP levels in these patients in a dose dependent manner, suggesting that disturbed calcification inhibitory activity in the vasculature may be improved by dietary MenaQ7 supplementation.
According to initiator of the Vitamin K2 study in dialysis patients Dr Leon Schurgers, VP R&D NattoPharma and senior scientist at the Maastricht University: "Calcification of the arteries seen in chronic kidney disease is the same type of calcification which is found in aging population. The accumulation of calcium salts in the arteries results in stiffening and increase fragility.  This might be considered a "silent killer" as hardening of the arteries develops without any symptoms over time. There is now evidence provided that the process of calcification is an actively regulated process and that adequate MenaQ7 intake can prevent this process and eliminate this risk factor." 
Prof Peter Stenvinkel, nephrologist at the Karolinska institute explains: "Whereas 0.5 million people in Europe and USA suffer from dialysis-dependent chronic kidney disease signs of mild to moderate CKD are found in more than 10 million patients. Compared to the general population patients with advanced  chronic kidney disease experience a 10 - 100x increased risk of cardiovascular complications, which translates into a mortality risk comparable to the one found in patients with mestastatic cancer disease. This problematic situation is further complicated by the fact that many treatment strategies (including statins, increased dialysis dose and erythropoietin) has in randomized controlled trials not been shown to improve survival in this patient group. A major problem in dialysis patients is accelerated vascular calcification; a process that increase the risk of cardiovascular complications and premature death. As this deleterious process may be accelerated by a subclinical deficiency of vitamin K2 MenaQ7 supplementation may be a novel beneficial treatment strategy to slow down the calcification process and lower the risk of cardiovascular complications without troublesome side effects in this unfortunate patient group."
The data obtained in this pilot study will be used to set-up larger clinical studies in chronic kidney disease patients aiming to prove the health benefits of MenaQ7 resulting less vascular calcification and finally better outcome of chronic kidney disease patients.
Morten Sundstø
CEO NattoPharma ASA
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Dr. Leon Schurgers
VP R&D NattoPharma ASA
Phone: +31 6 52458412

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