NCC expands college in Växjö for SEK 100 million

NCC has received an order regarding the expansion of Building K at Växjö College. Building K contains new premises for the college's economics and social sciences institutes. The customer is Vidéum Fastighets AB, a wholly owned municipal company. The value of this turnkey contract is SEK 100 million. The expansion covers approximately 10,000 m² of floor space, in the form of a three-story building containing lecture halls, offices, auditoriums, galleries, etc. The architect is Henrik Jais-Nielsen, of Mats White Arkitekter AB. NCC has participated in Vidéum's expansion projects virtually continuously since 1986. The construction period for the current contract will be very short. Work will have to be completed prior to the autumn term of 1999, which means the new premises have to be furnished and ready for use by September 1 of that year. Construction work will commence on Thursday, June 18. The project will employee an average of approximately 30 persons, and at least as many subcontractors, with a peak of about 100. For further information, please contact: Håkan Stjernquist, Work Manager, NCC Building in Växjö (Tel: +46-470-355 18)

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