NCC Group: Interim report January-September 1999

NCC GROUP: INTERIM REPORT JANUARY-SEPTEMBER 1999 * Consolidated income amounted to SEK 910 m. (699) after net financial items. The corresponding pro forma figure, which also includes Superfos Construction during the preceding year, was income of SEK 903 m. (702). * On a rolling 12-month basis, income amounted to SEK 941 m., compared with SEK 730 m. for full-year 1998. The corresponding pro forma figure on a rolling 12-month basis, including Superfos Construction, was income of SEK 983 m., compared with SEK 782 m. for full-year 1998. * Consolidated income after full tax amounted to SEK 661 m. (501), equal to earnings of SEK 6.10 per share (4.60) per share. On a rolling 12-month basis, earnings amounted to SEK 6.50 per share, compared with SEK 5.00 per share for full-year 1998. * Construction operations continue to improve. Pro forma third-quarter earn- ings amounted to SEK 539 m. (441). * Total net sales by construction operations rose 15 percent to SEK 25.2 billion (21.9). * To date in 1999, NCC has sold managed properties for a total amount of SEK 1,582 m., of which properties sold after the end of the report period accounted for SEK 690 m. On November 8, the portfolio of managed properties amounted to SEK 5,989 m. "Third-quarter earnings from construction operations were highly favorable, and our expectations regarding the acquisition of Superfos Construction have been more than satisfied. Net sales rose by 14 percent and we have strengthened our positions in several markets. Orders are also an increasing, although the rate of increase is slower than in the third quarter of 1998, which included several large-scale civil engineering orders," comments Jan Sjöqvist, President and Chief Executive Officer of the NCC Group. "In the real estate sector, the prospects for project development are favorable in all markets and we have land and investment plans corresponding to SEK 10 billion in the next three years. Of these, projects corresponding to SEK 2 billion have already been launched, while the others will be initiated in stages as the demand for them is confirmed" concludes Jan Sjöqvist. Questions can be directed to: Björn Andersson, Senior Vice President - Financial and Business Control (Tel: +46-8-655 20 40) or Hans-Olof Karlsson, Senior Vice President - Corporate Communications (Tel:+46-8-655 22 79). Appendix: Interim report for the nine months ended September 30, 1999 (10 pages). ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: Full Report Full Report

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