Ncc Group: report on operations in 1999

NCC GROUP: REPORT ON OPERATIONS IN 1999 * Consolidated income after net financial items amounted to SEK 1,251 m. (730). The corresponding pro forma figure, which also includes Superfos Construction during 1998, was income of SEK 1,245 m. (782). * Consolidated income after full tax amounted to SEK 838 m. (543), equal to SEK 7.70 per share (5.00). The Board of Directors proposes a dividend of SEK 4.00 (2.50) per share, an increase of approximately 60 percent. In addition, the Board proposes an extraordinary dividend of SEK 7.00 per share. * Total net sales rose by 10 percent to SEK 37.5 billion (34.2). NCC's strategy of generating growth through acquisitions in the Nordic and Baltic Sea region has resulted in average annual growth of 27 percent in the past five years. * Fourth quarter income after net financial items amounted to 341 (31) MSEK. * Following fiscal year-end, real estate assets were sold for SEK 1,250 m., generating capital gains of SEK 180 m. Following these sales, the book value of the portfolio of managed properties is SEK 5.3 billion. * NCC is continuing its forceful focus on real estate development in expansive locations in the Nordic region and other parts of Europe. The project portfolio amounted to SEK 10.5 billion on December 31, 1999. Construction has been initiated on projects with a value of SEK 2.4 billion, with half of this volume already worked up. "We made considerable progress during 1999 towards realizing our vision of being the leading construction and real estate company in the Nordic and Baltic Sea region. Earnings and margins from construction operations improved during the year and we're continuing to implement our strategy for increased profitability," comments Jan Sjöqvist, President and Chief Executive Officer of the NCC Group. "Real estate operations also developed favorably, with rising rent levels and increased demand for office premises creating a solid platform for profitable real estate development. Our project portfolio, which is now worth more than SEK 10 billion, will generate considerable earnings in the next few years. At the same time, we have continued to reduce our portfolio of managed properties. As a result of the changed capital structure, we are reducing our equity/assets target from 35 to 30 percent, and the Board will propose that the Annual General Meeting approve an extraordinary dividend of SEK 7.00 per share, in addition to the ordinary dividend of SEK 4.00 per share", concludes Jan Sjöqvist. Questions can be directed to: Björn Andersson, Senior Vice President - Financial and Business Control (Tel: +46-8-655 20 40) or Hans-Olof Karlsson, Senior Vice President - Corporate Communications (Tel:+46-8-65522 79). ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: Full report Full report

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About NCC Our vision is to renew our industry and provide superior sustainable solutions. NCC is one of the leading companies in the Nordics within construction, infrastructure and property development, with sales of SEK 55 billion and 17,800 employees in 2017. The NCC share is listed on NASDAQ Stockholm.