NCC receives Norwegian contract worth SEK 500 million

NCC receives Norwegian contract worth SEK 500 million NCC's wholly owned Norwegian subsidiary, NCC Eeg-Henriksen, has been commissioned to build two large suspension bridges that are to be part of Norway's Trekantsambandet (Triangle Link). The customer is Statens Vegvesen (Norwegian Road Administration) in Hordaland and the order is worth a total of NOK 546 million, of which NCC will account for approximately half. The project will be undertaken in a consortium with HSM, a Dutch company that will be responsible for steel structures and assembly work on the bridges. Each bridge will be approximately 1,000 meters long and have a sail-free height of 18 meters and 36 meters, respectively. A total of 35 salaried employees and slightly more than 100 skilled workers will be engaged in the project. Work will commence in January 1999 and the bridges are scheduled to be completed in June 2001. Within the framework of the Trekantsambandet project, NCC has already received an order for the Bömlafjord tunnel, which involves underwater work worth NOK 250 million. Accordingly, the combine value of the NCC Group's orders is approximately NOK 500 million. For further information, please contact: Trond Johansen, Administrative Director, NCC Eeg-Henriksen Anlegg AS (Tel: +947-22 98 68 00, or +947-905 56 430); Arild Grönsdal, Project Manager (Tel: +947-53 40 37 50, or +947-917 03 847) ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download:

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